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0 – More and Better Jobs

Jobbal is one of the leading providers of online recruitment resource along with a space for like-minded people to interact with each other. It is also a place whereby connection between clients (any company) with candidates (any individual) is established.

Features in are built to offer integrated, intelligent and interactive recruitment solutions to job seekers and employers. For candidates, the portal offers new horizon of possibilities to a new career and even new friends. Candidates can use Jobbal to explore their creativity and having fun at the same time. The portal not only allows them to search for a new career, it also allows them to have their questions answered as well as helping their friends by recommending job opportunities to them, gather insightful tips/articles through expert’s blogs, interactive corners, etc. Through various activities, users are awarded with points and these will be displayed in the leader board. For client, the portal is built such that it streamlines their hiring process and help to find their right candidates faster through innovative site concepts.

Project Description:

  • To create an user-friendly online platform so that job seekers can retrieve information easily.
  • To ease the hassle of registering as members, users can register via Facebook Connect.
  • To integrate with Social Media to share information of the online portal, enhancing the awareness.
  • To allow site administrators to update the latest information, jobs listings, blog articles easily through the CMS specially customised to suit the needs of the site.

Services Include:

  • Design Consultation and Conceptualisation
  • Creative Design and Execution
  • Markup Codings - XHTML/CSS/JS
  • Web Application Development (PHP/MYSQL)
  • Joomla CMS Modules Customisation

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