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SEO Long Tail Strategy

The successful SEO strategy is to draw more quality traffic and increased in conversion

What is Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords is mean a type of keyword phrase that has at least three to four or more words in one search term. Long tail keywords are used when searcher refine search terms and is looking for something rather specific. Example: instead of searching for "leather handbags" the user is searching for "black color cow leather handbags".

These type of keywords are highly specific, and usually brings less traffic to the website, however the conversion probability is much higher if compare to the normal keywords and to marketers, this is what we called more quality traffic.

SEO Long Tail Keywords Strategy Result

The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

At Notion Age, our SEO strategy is to help our clients to target more long tail keywords in the initial state, and over a period of time, we can help them to rank more than thousands of these long tail keywords and bring them a lot of potential and high quality traffic.

In the nutshell, most of the long tail keywords are less competitive. This means that you can rank them faster and easier if compared to the normal short keywords phrases. In the long run of building up of related and long tail keywords will help to improve the ranking of related short keywords easily. To find out more about Singapore SEO Services.

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